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A young seedling: Chief Scientist from a world-renowned university

View count:47 Time:2024-01-18 13:09:44

Originating from the famous biopharmaceutical brand Bulrch in Australia, its founder is a Ph.D. in biopharmaceuticals from Monash University, one of the top 50 universities in the world.

Dr. Burch is talented, knowledgeable, and highly respected on campus. Currently, he is the Chief Scientist of the Australian Biotech Lab Pty Ltd. The laboratory has advanced experimental equipment and an excellent research team, while maintaining close cooperation with domestic and foreign research institutions, providing strong support for innovative research in the field of medical biology. In this technology hall where international high-precision talents gather, Dr. Burch leads a professional research and development team dedicated to the research and application of new biopharmaceutical products, promoting the cross integration of science and medicine, and achieving a series of important scientific research achievements.